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How To Target Audience Effectively In Facebook And Google

#Day 8

How to do segment & prioritise your audience before running ads

This is an interesting topic and we can segment audience by various means, the top 5 are

  • Location – Where they are located, any language, or cultural differences between the groups
  • Demography – Age group, based on age group the marketing communication will be different
  • Buying Behaviour is an interesting one, we deal with buyers, consumers and influencers, we will deal with this topic in the coming days !
  • Lifestyle – choice of goods, spending patterns, brand loyalty etc
  • “Old/Fresh” – touched or untouched


There can be many different groupings but these are the important ones.

#Day 9

How to target your audience based on location

well, its basic in any type of ads, but with location targeting comes some other attributes and angles.

First – Location and Language

Second – Pincode or Drop Pin, May be multiple drop pins

Third – Excluding Locations

Fourth – Check total audience size in keyword research or audience insights before running ads

Fifth – Check Audience Overlaps if you are targeting multiple locations in a a city

Sixth – in Google target people who live in or show interest in a particular location, and in Facebook target people living in, recently present/or immediate past or travelling to a particular location.

BONUS TIP – if you are doing display ads, show the most popular landmark of that location and it will give a better connectivity.

#Day 10

Interesting Angles on Targeting Based on Age

First – Do you know that you can target people aged below 18 in all types of Facebook Ads except lead ad and messenger ads.

Second – When you create a Lookalike Audience in Facebook and even if your source of custom audience was limited to a particular age group, while using Lookalike audience, you further need to specify age, else it will show the ad to people across all the ages.

ThirdAdd Age + Demography together to get laser sharp targeting in Facebook, for example Age Between 40-50, then add Parents with teenagers (aged 13-17) in detailed targeting to get better results.

FourthMix age with Life Events, For example you want to target people who are celebrating their 18th birthday in July, target age as 17-18, and add Upcoming birthday & Birthday in July in detailed targeting and run the ads from 15th June to 15th July 🙂 Same can be done with other life events

FifthSometimes ignore only age based targeting to get accurate and better reach. Let’s take this example: You want to target parents with teeanger, here, you can’t guess the age, a 36 yr old can also be a parent of a teenager and a 65+ can also be 😉 so here make it 35 to 65+ and Must be a parent to a teenager 🙂

#Day 11

Interesting angles on Targeting Based on Language

First – Currently  You  can target  Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Urdu

This means if you select this language first facebook will show the ads to all the people who use the app in that language.

Second – However,  the app is available in Odia, Bhojpuri, Sanskrit, Assamese, Punjabi too.  Though you can’t target them in ads

Third – But don’t worry, because of AI and thanks to Facebook, if you write content in a particular language and don’t target that language also, the ad will be targeted to them too. 

Fourth – You can have multiple versions of the ad copy, headlines, description in different languages and Facebook will show the ad which is relevant to the TG.

Fifth – If your Facebook app is in English but you watch Kannada Videos, comment in Kannada, like Kannada posts, you will still see ads in Kannada. 

Sixth – In case of google ads, it’s quite simple; Language targeting allows you to restrict where your ads can appear based on the user’s language settings and the language of the site.

#Day 12

Audience re-targeting in Facebook and google

Well this is a vast topic and i can speak on this for hours, i will keep it short to explain, what is possible and whom we can re-target.

  • In Facebook We can target people who have engaged with your page, engaged with your Instagram, visited your website, use your app, filled up a lead form, watched your video, responded to your events, did some shopping activity etc. For website or app related activity pixel or sdk is a must.


  • In Google We can re-target ads to people who visited your website, watched your YouTube Video or did some activities with your App.


  • Apart from this you can upload customer list or offline data and target too in both Facebook and Google.

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