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Facebook Is Personal Again And Its For Better :)

Have you ever noticed, if you post anything on Facebook from your Personal ID it gets more attention, reach, like, comments and lots of emotion gets attached to it? However, if you post something on your Facebook Page, it does not get that attention, unless you boost it, or unless the content is so much useful that people get some value of out it.
This was expected, and it finally happened.

On 11 Jan 2018,  Mark Zuckerberg made an important announcement regarding how Facebook is going to change and it has a lot of good impact on the people who use Facebook.

That means less clutter and more interesting content from people whom we want to get connected to.

So let’s know more about

  • my detailed interpretation of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement
  • what  does it mean for you and how it impacts you or your business,
  • and how you can make use of the change to grow yourself and your business
 My Interpretation of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement
  • Facebook was built to help people stay connected to people that matter to them
  • People complained about public content – posts from businesses, brands, and media is crowding out the personal timeline and we are seeing less from people whom we want to connect to
  • People are seeing more public content and less from people they matter
  • News feeds or timeline is getting cluttered with posts about businesses, or brands which may not always be the point of interest
  • Passive content which is not relevant to a viewer is time killing and irritating
  • Facebook will show only relevant content leading to meaningful social interactions
  • With this change, we will see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media
  • We will see more content from your friends, family, and groups
  • We may or should spend less time on Facebook, but that time should be worth
What does it mean to you and How it IMPACTS your business?
  • Your organic reach will be more through your personal profile posts and almost zero through your Facebook Page
  • You can still reach your target audience through your page, only through paid campaigns through your page
  • The organic reach will be limited and will happen only when people are interacting with your page
How can you make use of the change to grow yourself and your business?

Way out

  • Create more engaging content, where people get value
  • Publish Videos, to be precise Live Videos
  • Instead of recordings, go for Facebook live where people can interact with you
  • This means as a person you can go live from your personal profile and your friends will see that
  • As a Business, engage your customers with the help of Facebook Groups
  • Be accessible and be at the helm, let your profile speak about your brand, not your brand speak about your profile
  • Ultimately people create a brand, and Facebook wants people to reach out to more people 
My Conclusion

It’s much simpler now and Facebook is empowering real marketers, not any marketers who have $ to spend and reach out to people.

Create Value for your customers, your followers, Create Relevant Content, Sell Better, Sell Cheaper (with low marketing cost)

Please let me know your views on this by commenting below.

Thank you.

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