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Lead Collection and Nurturing using Facebook Lead Center


Hey, there is a good news, now you do not need to download excel manually or spend money on third party lead collection tools!

Facebook has introduced the Lead Center, using which you can view, segment and nurture leads, right there from Facebook.

Facebook’s Leads Centre is a lead management tool that helps your business organise and maintain your customer contact information. Here, you can easily organise, manage and re-engage with your leads directly from your Facebook business Page.

The tools in the Leads Centre allow you to track and categorise your leads with organisational features where you can:

  • Manage your leads by setting reminders to follow up, assign an owner to your leads or add notes to their contact information.
  • Filter your leads by category, owner or date.
  • Create Custom or Lookalike Audiences based on how you categorise your customers.
  • Direct email leads from the Leads Centre.

For example, maybe you have been keeping your lead contact information from your lead ads in a spreadsheet saved on your desktop. With the Leads Centre, leads that are acquired from your lead ads will automatically be added into the Leads Centre. You can also import your own leads from a spreadsheet, or manually add new leads in one by one.

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