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The 360-degree lead generation cycle

In this article, you will get to know about the whole process involved in lead generation; before getting the leads to nurture the leads. Everything is kept concise so that it is easy for you to understand the whole process.


  • Why Facebook Lead Ads
  • What can you achieve with lead ads?
  • The life cycle

          –Before you launch the ad (planning)

          –How to Launch the ad (Launch)

          –After launching the ad(Nurturing)

  • Conclusion

Why FB Lead Ad?

Some important points are mentioned below –

  • Only format where you can cover the complete AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) cycle
  • It’s a landing page, if you don’t have a conversion-ready website
  • Quick and Easy
  • You get leads, not just likes.
  • Its cost-effective (after all time is money)

What can you achieve with lead ads?

With the Lead Ads you can get leads on demand. You can bring the people in contact with you. You can get their data which you require for further marketing. Users interact with your lead ad are more likely to convert.

Before you launch the ad

Follow these step by step procedure before launching the lead ad-

Step 1:

Know about the product and services

  • Google about it
  • Ask your client
  • Do keyword research (top three problems/queries/doubts)
  • If they see those questions/solutions they will connect instantly
  • Talk in their language, based on their demography

Step 2:

  • Reach Ad (5% of budget) – 3 days
  • Do engagement ads (10%)  – 3 days 
  • Watch the audience behaviour
  • Leave –ve audience
  •  Finetune your audience before the lead ad

Step 3:

  • Based on activity on the page 
  • Based on activity on the lead ad form
  • Create custom conversion from pixel
  • Old customer database (excel, CSV), create custom  + lookalike audience

Step 4:

  • Link your leads with a CRM (e.g. MailChimp)
  • Have few automation in place




Launching the Ad

Now it’s time to launch the ad, So we will discuss various elements present in an ad. This is one of the main parts of lead generation as this is the thing which your prospects are going to look at first.

Ad elements-

  • Image / Video – This is the first thing where the people look at. Keep the image and video thumbnail eye-catching so that your ad gets attention. Make sure that there are not more than 20% of the text on the image as Facebook can disapprove it.
  • Headline – Mention the headline in continuation with the image. Don’t repeat what is already there in the image. Make a catchy headline which creates an impact on the viewer’s mind.
  • Sub-headline – The sub-headline should be in continuation with the headline. Each and every element should create and impact. 
  • Button – There are various buttons like – Sign up, Subscribe, Learn more, etc. You can choose any one of them which suits your ad. On clicking the button, the person can fill-up the form or redirected to the Facebook messenger or where you want them to
  • Text – You can write a long description of your service/ product or whatever you can do for them or vice versa. From getting attracted to the image, seeing the headline and sub-headline, reading the description and clicking the button. These elements work together to make a lead.

While writing your ad copy, you should focus on some key points –

  • Problem/question (key phrases from your keyword research) – Include the questions/ problems related to your service/product which can help them. Also include the ways how you can solve their problem. This will connect them with your ad and there are chances of getting more leads.
  • What is in it for me (offer. USP, benefit) – Include what is there for the people; which can be any offer or benefit you can provide them. Mention your USP (Unique selling proposition) and why they should sign up or visit your website, etc.
  • Gain trust/show success stories – You can show your prospects different success stories of the people who bought your service/ product. How it benefited the people who took it and how it can help them too.
  • What you offer – Give them a good offer such that it is a win-win situation for you and your prospect.
  • Why should they fill-up the form(bait) – Mention clearly why you want them to fill the form. It can be anything like – fill this form so that we can help you better, etc.
  • What happens after they fill-up the form – After someone fills the form, what is the next thing you want them to show or action to take; prepare for it.


  • Intro (take the story further, explain why you are asking this information)
  • Use it for your benefit (privacy page)
  • Thank you page
  • Once they submit the form

Collect them in

  • Your email
  • Google sheet
  • Any other CRM


  • Email
  • SMS
  • Email Engine (send them to follow up email after a day, send them a reminder, send your corporate profile….. )
  • Take them to a landing page with a pixel
  • Double-opt-in (asking them to take another action)
  • Take them to other pages on your website


After someone becomes your lead you have to automate the process to convert the lead into sales. Automate the process such that when someone fills up the form a confirmation email is sent to them. Remind them that they had signed up your form, Give them some offers in their inbox, etc. You can use different automation technique.

  • Email automation
  • SMS 
  • WhatsApp API 
  • Call based on their consent
  • Call if they are not responding
  • Take the next call to action

Lead Nurturing

As you have acquired the leads, now you have to nurture them so they don’t forget you. Communicate them occasionally through email, sms, calls, etc. Make a good relationship with your leads. You cannot send similar messages to all your leads. Firstly, you have to segment your leads in different categories. You can score your leads on different parameters and analyse who are more likely to convert and then is the communication approach i.e how you communicate with them. Each point is discussed below-

Lead segmentation

Your leads can be categorised mainly into different types. These can be-

  • Dreamer – A dreamer is the one who just dreams of buying your service/ product or just like it. Maybe they cannot afford it or they did not need it.
  • Idea – The leads who are considering buying your product/ service.
  • In Action – The leads who are ready to take required action as they want to try it. 
  • Fixing/Scaling stage – The people who are ready to buy the product/ service as they  are in need of it.

Create Different follow up structures for different types of leads.

Same approach will not work for all categories of leads. We have to approach them in different ways. Like a person who is in the action stage, we can give them an offer so that they can take an action. We can show some case studies to the people who are in the Fixing stage as they are ready to convert, this will help them to make decisions quickly.

It includes:

  • Introduction
  • Expectations
  • -TAT (Turnaround time)
  •  What to offer

Communication approach

  • Cold selling
  • Offer a free service to gain trust
  • Suggest a few pointers which can help their business
  • Schedule a call
  • Showcase your case studies (most prob from same industry)

Lead scoring

Score your leads according to some specific parameter. You can score your leads in different ways like-

–Based on the buyer’s journey 

–Based on response

  • Different path/content for lead nurturing – Make different content for different segments of leads as the same content will not work for everyone.
  • Multichannel Nurturing – Use multi channels to communicate with your leads. Different people like different channels for communicating. Some may like emails whereas some may like Whats app.

Lead scoring based on some parameters

You can score the leads on the basis of some parameters. Some are mentioned below but you can give them a score according to your requirements. If I mention my case, I can assign 10 marks for each parameter and according to  their final score I can  analyse whether the leads are hot, warm or cold.

Few parameters which can be taken into account are as follows –

  • Website exists or not 
  • Social media channel exists
  • Doing ad on social media 
  • The response rate on messaging 
  • Conversion ready features
  • Check their forms (auto-reply) 
  • Response to your messages 
  • Scheduled call or not
  • If they are asking questions, have queries
  • Asking about proposal

Retargeting and remarketing

Remarketing is a very important part of marketing. Once you reach your audience, analyze who is more likely to convert and retarget them. There are various reasons why you should do remarketing or retargeting –

  • Sometimes the leads might not response for various reasons
  • Remind them with remarketing
  • Need not do a lead ad, but they need to see your brand name and logo to recollect
  • Show success stories to affirm their faith on you

Lead Nurturing Sequence

Now, we have discussed the whole process of lead nurturing. Let’s recall the steps –

  • Receive a lead
  • Send it to your inbox 
  • Send it to a google sheet
  • Send SMS to your lead
  • Send an auto-reply the moment you receive a lead
  • Send your company profile, along with any case study 
  • Send them a WhatsApp message using API
  • Ask them a time to call back
  • Or schedule a call with you on Calendly
  • Send them WhatsApp messages, saying, we have sent you some basic proposal through email, please go through this and revert
  • Based on the response, you take them on-call/zoom/meet and try to close
  • Invite them for a webinar on the same story which brought the leads
  • Purpose of the webinar is to get then one on one call
  • Exception
  • The first thing they will ask is the proposal 
  • They ask for references 
  • Ask case studies

Few Practical Tips

Few tips  for lead generation cycle –

  • don’t panic if the lead cost is high at the beginning
  • Keep a budget of minimum 50 leads
  • Continue the ad if it is performing well, change the audience if the frequency crosses 1.25
  • Match the landing page (after the thank you screen with the ad copy)
  • don’t put a bid cap
  • Optimize image size for all ad format
  • don’t sell immediately after the lead fills up the form, they are just leads
  • Check what true caller shows when you call your leads
  • Have email outside your hosting, use a professional email provider
  • Send emails from names, not company names
  • First email should be text email only
  • don’t bombard them with emails

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